While chronic stress definitely puts your health at risk, research does find that when you learn to manage stress in the right way, it can actually work for you.

I hope my new website, Help For My Stress, will help you to cope and live a happy and healthier life.

Joe P. Gutierrez


  By now, we all know that too much stress is bad for you, but many people fail to determine when that point is reached. The fact is, the body is capable of handling stress- but just to an extent. After that, signs become highly visible that something is going terribly wrong, and sadly, doctors
Your world is full of stressors and while a short burst of stress here and there is normal and a part of life, chronic stress is a whole other matter. Exposure to long-term stress can alter your genes, increase inflammation in the body, and cause a wide variety of serious health issues that affect
The muscle relaxation technique for stress doesn’t require much exertion for it to be effective, that’s probably why it has become so popular. One of the common methods is progressive muscle relaxation, which uses subtle movements to relieve tension and achieve relaxation. The method is base
It’s no secret that many people turn to food as a means of comfort when they feel stressed out, but there’s good news, food can keep you calm when you’re under pressure. Before you get carried away, though, you should know that doesn’t mean heading out for fried chicken or mac and cheese.
  Chronic stress can be fatal- no question there. But what is less understood is how it can contribute to your demise, or what role it plays in dysfunction of the heart. For years, people have attributed heart disease (and subsequent failure) to consumption of too many fats, when there is actual

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Help For My Stress

Help For My Stress
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